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How To Get The Winning Scores In Print Competition and Judging

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I can’t believe it – PhotoPro Expo is right around the corner. That also explains my being MIA for the last several days.  Since PhotoPro Expo is about 30% bigger this year than last year’s event we’ve had to work extra hard and have been putting in 12 hour days for the past two weeks making all the final arrangements and aligning the last minute details.  BUT, it has all come together and is going to be a unbelievably exciting event!  NOW………….

How To Get The Winning Scores In Print Competition and Judging

[8---Cold-Hard-Steel4.jpg]That said, let me fill you in on one of our very exciting events: The PhotoPro Expo Print Competition and Judging.  I want you to enter – it’s “hands down” the best way to learn how to improve your photography. And, if you are a studio owner, it’s definitely the best way to improve your work for your clients!

Today I want to point you to a slew of resources so you can do your best at your next print competition.  First, the judges are looking for 12 main aspects of an image and basing their score on that criteria. 

The Twelve elements listed below are in accordance to their importance:

Impact, Technical Excellence, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Center of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Technique, and Story Telling.

My good friend and Professional Photographers of America Print Jury Chairman, Dave Huntsman, has put together a wonderful 34 slide presentation covering each of the elements above in great detail.


You can view and download the PDF right here.  It is a “MUST READ” if you plan to excel in your next print competition.

Two More “MUST READS” For Photographers Wanting to Score BIG in Print Competition

Next let me point you towards two very informative posts about Print Competition.  The first, “Doing Print Competition Right” [link] helps you ramp it up notch and points out one of the easiest things you can do to your images that almost guarantee a  point or two increase in your score.

This second link, “Technique Tuesday: Print Competition; The Winners Please, Re-Broadcast, and More!” [link] will give you a guided tour through the entire process and a peak at some very beautiful images.  It even features a re-broadcast of the print competition we did last year – all very good information!  And finally………..

Webcast PComp2 -Tune In To The “LIVE” Webcast!

And if you don’t feel confident to enter, don’t forget to tune in to the “LIVE” webcast. IT’S FREE!!       REGISTER HERE!

Here are a few of the comments from our past “LIVE” studio audiences:

“Its was great. I started competing this year and it was so much fun…"  John V.

“I am learning SOOOO much.  Thank you!”  Cindy S.

“I enjoyed the presentations and the judges comments on the images.  Thanks for all the hard work for this wonderful learning opportunity.”  Chuck C.

“This is great!  I think I'm going to look into the master photographer classes on PPA.” Mary D.

“This is the first time I've experienced anything like this. GOOD to hear/learn what the judges look for.”John D.

“…Thank you…  Seeing the images and listening to the judges comments was invaluable and educational.” Jamie . G

“Judy and I really enjoyed the Webinar. We learned a great deal from reviewing the photos and then hearing the experts comments. We appreciated your hard work in support of photographers all over the globe.”  Judy and Chuck H.

Free Trade Show Pass For PhotoPro Expo 2013

Trade Show PassI know everybody is busy so if you can’t stay all three days, you can still come by for any one of the three individual days. Check the daily schedule right here then choose and register for your favorite day right here.

Just want to come by the Expo Trade Show?  You’ll still be able to attend the Expo Theater programming and have a blast at the Westcott Fantasy Model Shootout.  Hit this [link] or the image to the right, save the image, and print it out. It’s your FREE EXPO TRADESHOW PASS.  Just drop it off at the registration desk Saturday or Sunday to pick up your badge.

There you go folks – a fabulous “smorgasbord” and photographic opportunity of a lifetime right at your finger tips. I hope to see you there!!!


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