Monday, July 09, 2007

Rocky Mountain High - Photoshop Tutorial

How many times have you been in a situation when taking wedding and/or family portraits where the location, lighting, exposure, and background "wrestled" with each other in trying to get a good final print? Getting the right exposure on the subject would lead to not enough exposure on the background or some other areas of the image.

Of course, this happens frequently in the fast paced world of wedding photography where we have little control over time of day and location of the wedding. Being a JPEG shooter notches up the "degree of difficulty" a bit too. Let's take a look at one of these dilemmas and see how easy it was to rectify in Photoshop. By the way, this fix works on all versions of Photoshop from PS7 through CS3. Enjoy!


  1. David, thanks so much for your tutorials. I just received a copy of your Digital Wakeup Call DVDs and they're seriously very useful, especially since I just started my wedding photography business a little over a year ago.

    In this tutorial, you have shown 4 very useful PS tools that I can use immediately in my work.

    And finally, thanks for making your products affordable, especially for us photographers who are new to the biz and need to budget for both products like yours as well for equipment and marketing. I once paid $200 to attend a workshop by two internationally respected and well paid wedding photographers, and I I honestly have to say I've learned more in this one tutorial that you offer for free than what I learned from those two guys in their all-day workshop with their where they essentially bragged about their work (through one slide show after another.) Even when of them got around to showing a PS technique, they didn't have the decency to print the steps down on a handout. It was a total waste for me.

    So thank you for being a real teacher of photographers. I'll be visiting often.

  2. David, your artwork inspires me of doing something more... You did a great job sir...