Friday, September 27, 2013

”The Beginnings Of A Great Day!”

The Beginnings Of A Great Day

”The Beginnings Of A Great Day!
©David A. Ziser

Good Morning Everybody,

Today I thought I'd share with you an image I took on the way to Ptuj two days ago. We were out early in the morning for our hour+ long trip.  The day started a bit overcast but as we drove through the countryside the clouds started to break and let a few of the suns rays peak through.

Just by chance those rays of light we're falling on a small country church in the distance, I quickly pulled the car over and made a few quick images.  I liked this one the best.  

LaDawn and I both felt the same way when we viewed the final image - it captured the exact magical feeling we felt when we first set our eyes upon the scene.  Hope you enjoy the image too.

Camera specs: Canon 5D Mark III fitted with my Tamron 28-300mm VC lens at 164mm, 1/400 second at F10, ISO 200. Enjoy!  David

DAZNOTE:  Today is our last day in Hungary.  Our friend Roland and his wife Ildie are making the 3 hour drive over from Budapest and joining us later today and then for dinner tonight – I’ll be the Hungarian chef preparing the festive meal – where’s my paprika ;~)

Tomorrow we are heading out to all points west maybe stopping at Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia and spending the day.  For LaDawn and I, it's then onto the Adriatic Sea to the beautiful town of Rovinj, Croatia about five hours away where we will be spending all next week.  Once we get settled in I’ll check back in with you and give you all the latest, greatest updates.

See you then, David

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