Wednesday, March 04, 2015

My Brand New Apps Are Ready To Go At Only $1.99 each!

Good Morning Everybody,

I know I’ve been laying low for a while but  I’m writing today to get the news out about my brand new $1.99 Photography Apps!

Here is the backstory. Last year, my good friend and great photographer Rick Sammon,  asked me to be part of his Mobile Masters Group and twisted my arm to produce three wedding apps [link]. Rick is really an App Master.  I finally completed the project and they look great! Read the rest of the story on the very first set of David Ziser Apps [link] below. You're going to love them

My Brand New Apps Are Ready To Go At Only $1.99 each!

As I mentioned above, I am thrilled to be announcing my brand new Wedding Apps on Lighting, Lenses, and Composition [link].  Each App contains 25 of my favorite images per App topic along with the back story, exposure data, and lighting diagram for each image. I think you'll love them!

For years we've been offering  the Hot Shots Series available at my DigitalProTalk Market Place in a printed version. Now we can offer them at a fraction of the cost - only $1.99 each - in their new App form! The printed version was very popular years ago but technology marches on and now they are a "steal of a deal" for less than two bucks each! 

We offer three titles so far:

David Ziser's Hot Shots Lighting - Lighting creates the mood and feeling in a photograph. Learn from the master, via end-result images and lighting diagrams, how you can create images with impact though the use of lighting.

HotShots App Lighting

David Ziser's Hot Shots Lenses - Lenses help photographers tell a story - their story and the story of the subject. Learn how to use lenses - from wide to telephoto - wisely to capture the all-important, once-in-a-lifetimes event for the bride and groom.

HotShots App Lenses

David Ziser's Hot Shots - Composition - Learn how to successfully compose an image via end-result images and illustrations that explain composition techniques. Camera, lens and exposure info is included too.

HotShots App Comp

I hope you love the Apps. One more time – here is the link to the apps.

Enjoy!  David

p.s. Don't forget - LaDawn wanted me to let you know that she has marked things down again at our Digital Resource Center [link]. Get the deals - some up to 80% off - while they last as we will be closing the Digital Resource Center in this summer.

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