Saturday, February 04, 2017

4 Important Updates and More!

David Ziser

Hi Gang,

I really appreciate you joining me again today.  I know you just heard from me a few days ago but as promised I wanted to give you the latest updates on the home front. It's very exciting!!


Second African Safari Just Announced!

February 22 - March 4, 2018

That's right! My first Safari [link] sold out within two hours of my announcement on Thursday! I have to tell you - I was extremely, as well as, pleasantly surprised.

Kevin called me immediately and cleared calendars and set dates for a second African Safari. Those new dates are February 22 - March 4, 2018.  Feb 22, 2018 is your travel day from the states to arrive in Johannesburg on Feb. 23. Kevin called me Saturday and told me the second Safari is already 50% sold out. That means we only have 6 seats available. 

This is going to be a once in a life-time event.  Even if you're hanging on the fence, please give Kevin a call at 505-345-6322 or his cell at 505-401-2988 for all details.


 Wow! I've been called a Legend! 

I kind of smile about that but here's the backstory. So right before Christmas I received a call from my good friend Sandy Puc to be part of her Legends of Photography Tour [link].  Not only is Sandy a fabulous photographer running a successful studio in Denver, she is also one of the best trainers/teachers in the industry.  She has conducted some of the biggest and best attended tours in the country.

Like I said, she calls me right before Christmas to ask me if I would be part of her brand new Legends Tour for 2017 [link]. I have to say... that I was very honored.  The line up is fantastic! Just look at all those good looking folks below and you'll get an idea that this will be the biggest tour series this year!  It's a big deal!

For all the details about the tour just hit any of the links or images above. Now for the really good news. Registration is now listed at $40 but since you are reading this newsletter, I can get you in for only $20 with the

Only $20 with Secret Code DZ20

Register NOW!

Check it out to see which "Legend" is visiting a city near you. You'll find me in Orlando on Tuesday March 28, 2017 - I hope to see you there. D


PhotoPro Expo 2017 Wrap Up

PhotoPro Expo 2018 Announced

One last thing - we just wrapped PhotoPro Expo 2017 [link] and it was a fantastic conference! Our 24 fabulous instructors rocked the house! Literally - Tony Corbell, our Master of Light turns out to be a master guitarist as well. 

I couldn't believe it but Tony and several others rocked on till the wee hours of the morning (like 4:30 a.m.!) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Folks said it was the best time of their lives.  You know, you just can't get that on line.

Plus we raised approximately $3500 for our favorite charity Crayons to Computers and presented them a check for $20,000! They were thrilled as you can imagine. 

And just like every previous year, if you register for next year's PhotoPro Expo 2018 [link] you'll get the best price ever! Details of next year's show have not been posted - but the first 50 or who register get the lowest price possible and Priority Seating - only $109.00 with

Promo Code PPEVIP18So don't wait...mark your calendars NOW and register for PhotoPro Expo 2018!


to reserve your space. 


GEEK TIP OF THE WEEK - Hacking The Amazon Echo

OK, this is a random thought before I sign off today.  I think most folks in the USA bought an Amazon Echo Dot this year over the holidays as they quickly sold out at $39 on Amazon's website. We have one in about every room of the house right now - LaDawn is totally ready to kill me for my "geeky" habit ;~)

Anyway, here is my Amazon Echo hack.  As you know Pandora Radio, my favorite streaming radio station only streams in the good ol' USA so when LaDawn and I are traveling the world I miss my Pandora.

But I discovered that you can make the Amazon Echo Dot stream Pandora from anywhere in the world.  The secret to getting the Amazon Echo Dot, or any Echo device for that matter, is to set your local USA Zip Code as your location during the set up then hit the road.  The down side is that if you request time or weather you'll receive the zip code you entered not your local out-of-the-USA location. Hey, a small price to pay, right? Still kind of fun.


Hey Everybody,

That's it for me today. I'm on my way to Cabo San Lucas to spend most of the week with my good friend Kent Smith.  He's got that brand new super cool DJI Mavic drone and we plan to check out.

Until the next time -

Adios for now, David

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