Thursday, October 02, 2014

Rooftop Serenade: A Creative Exercise

Good Morning Everybody,

6th Floor SantiagoIn this post I wanted to share with you some of the photographic pleasures I find from traveling. We had just spent a full day traveling the historic streets and sights of Santiago and were happy to get back to a beautiful apartment in the heart of the city.  Now there is one thing I need to point out about our AirBNB apartment – it was on the 5th floor which actually means SIXTH FLOOR in Europe. And, get this, no elevator. Yes, we had to make the climb everyday often more than just once!  Talk about your daily workout ;~)

Anyway, it was this 6th floor elevation that works into today’s post.  After the the climb to our apartment and getting comfortable by a large window overlooking the city I settled in with a nice glass of one of Spain’s fine red wines and just took in the view.

That’s when it struck me – I began seeing the rooftops in more of “macro-mode” looking for little isolated vignettes of composition, color, line, and texture.  I grabbed our little Canon SX50 camera with it’s super zoom lens (24-1200mm) and began shooting away.  It was a wonderfully creative experience for me. I’ve put together a small collection of my favorites from the session.  I think the visual result gives you a backdoor peek at this historic medieval town.  I hope you enjoy!

Hey gang, That’s it for me today. Stay tuned more to come.

Adios for now, David

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