Saturday, July 27, 2013

50 Years Later: A Grand Celebration & A Peek Down Memory Lane

Hi Everybody,

DAZ 50 yearsToday is a BIG day at DAVID A. ZISER PHOTOGRAPHY.  Yep, turns out we’re having a big party. Were celebrating my Golden Jubilee Anniversary as a wedding photographer. What's a Golden Jubilee?  It’s a whole bunch of years –like 50 of them!  It's true - it was 50 years ago this year that I photographed my first wedding. I was just such a wee child at the time ;~)

Actually I photographed my first wedding at age 15 – it was for a co-worker friend of my father. I still remember that wedding. I remember that it was well exposed, well photographed with decent story telling throughout.  Sorry I don’t have any images to share with you.  I have no clue where the negs might be at this point.  Ahhh, history lost to the ages.

DAZ Self PortraitYashica AI also remember photographing it with a Yashica A medium format camera - a camera picked up a pawnshop for $25. It shot 120 film, came with a great lens, and took great photographs. Everything was manual of course but I did have an inexpensive light meter, probably one my father used when he was a teenager involved in capturing family and vacation photographs, and it got me through the day.

I really don't remember much about flash photography at the time as I recall the whole wedding was outside so I think I was able to pull it off with just the available light.

Today I’m Joining With Many Of My Managers, Assistants, and Staff Who Have Helped Build My Business Success Over These Many Years

We're trying to keep the celebration kind of personal today so I've  invited only those good folks that have worked here in the studio over the past several years. That includes my very first assistant, Steve Bitter, as well as many other generations  of assistants including ACE #1 assistant, Nickolas Viltrakis who still helps out occasionally.

The invitation list also includes all my staff and studio managers.. We got a pretty good turnout from our RSVPs so it should be a nice celebration. I’m really looking forward to it and re-connecting with many old friends.  I'll plan giving you a recap on Monday hopefully with some photographs to share of the celebration.

Time MachineWhy not take a peek back in time with me in my WayBack Machine and smile at the images from my humble beginnings:

The Violinist: [link] Taken 45 years ago at age 20.

Budding Photographer: [link]

WayBack Machine #2: [link] Images taken in 1978 – the beginning of my studio career, age 30.

Oldie But A Goodie Wedding Image: [link] Image probably around 1980.

WayBack Machine #3: [link]

Engagement Sessions ‘80’s Style: [link]

WayBack Machine #5: [link]

WayBack Machine #6: [link]

Hope you enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane with me.

Everybody have a great weekend and I'll see you soon.

Adios, David


  1. Congratulations and many more years to come!

  2. A Yashica A,the camera my father used to photograph me as a baby. Later I used it, just for fun. A great camera.
    But besides the nostalgie: CONGRATULATIONS from one of your followers/admirers from the Netherlands. Keep on going!

  3. One of the many, MANY people over the years - behind the scenes. Behind the magic of David A. Ziser. Not to mention behind the Altars, the Bride, the Bride's Dress, the Bride and Groom, the Cake...

    And let's not forget the original "mini-me" in the aisles of countless churches and synagogues and receptions!!

    Congratulations, David.

    ♪♫♪ Through the Years ♫♪♫ (Go Kenny!), or over the years - we certainly had us some wild rides!! Sometimes quite literally - NASCAR has nothing on us!

    Here's to many more years of fun. And discovery. After all, it won't be too long; Disco will be back, and you're gonna need that rainbow filter for that next...Celebration ♫♪

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