Monday, April 08, 2013

You’ve Got To Check Out My New DigitalProTalk Flip Mag!

Good Morning Everybody,

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We sure did.  We took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off and didn’t even check emails any of the three days – what a welcomed break from our regular “new millennium” data filled days!

The Ball Game Of All Ball Games!

I’ve only attended two baseball games since the last 1994-1995 baseball strike – yep, I did hold a sports grudge of sorts after the players eight strike/lockout since 1972. Anyway, I began to get over, miss this American pastime sometime during  last year’s baseball season and decided to purchase tickets. Great friends Kent and Sarah Smith were headed into town for the weekend and we felt the game could be a fun afternoon activity.

Reds 3


This past Friday we also had another couple of good friends coming in for an overnight stay and again decided to attend our second Reds Baseball game in many, many years and it proved to be the game of all games:

  • Reds win 15-0!
  • Reds 26 home runs!
  • 1 grand slam home run!
  • Foul ball just barely slips through LaDawn’s hands!
  • A (well oiled) Reds fan jumps the fence, runs across left field, slides into second base and is hauled off the field handcuffed by four police officers. I’m guessing his game ticket ended up being very expensive!
  • And it’s Friday Night Fireworks – a 30 minute dazzling display to be sure.

It really was the game of all games, a bit chilly, but very exciting.

Saturday was spent continuing our visit with friends and Sunday with family – it couldn’t have been a better weekend!

p.s. All ballgame images captured with my trusty 24-1200mm Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Digital Camera camera – a fine tool for fun sports photography ;~)

DigitalProTalk Flip Mag Now On Flipboard!

Flipboard Flip-ItFolks, you’ve got to check out my new DigitalProTalk Flip Mag available at Flipboard. Just download (if you haven’t already) fire up your Flipboard app [link] on you iOS or Android device and search for “David Ziser” or “DigitalProTalk.”  My mag should “pop” and then you’ll be able to follow my reads.

Over the past several years, I’ve been pointing you towards some of the more interesting things I find on the web with my Quick Hit Monday Series here at DigitalProTalk.  Flipboard’s new “Flip-it” feature makes it easy for me to do the same thing even more conveniently for you to read those same stories. 

Once I get started with my “surfing” I tend to get carried away a bit and before long I’ve got way too much information for the DPT blog and I’ve had to trim the content down substantially.  My DigitalProTalk Flip Mag eases that content restriction and lets me put it all out there.  Hey, my interests may not be exactly like yours but if you’re a regular DigitalProTalk reader I really think you’ll enjoy the diversified content you’ll find over at DigitalProTalk Flip Mag – ENJOY!

p.s. Let me know what you think in the Comment section below. Thanks, DAZ


Hey gang, that’s it for me today. 

Have a great rest of the day and I’ll see you soon.

All the best, David



  1. Nice post ! Like the images also !

  2. Are you sure it works on Android devices?

  3. Works great on Android devices. -David

  4. Flip Mag is great! Thanks for doing it.