Thursday, April 11, 2013

Business Day Thursday: Sales Success Secrets – The New Series: #2 – Show Them What They Want!

Good Morning Everybody,

I've got a brand-new Business Day Thursday coming your way that I think you're thoroughly enjoy. Last week I started my new Sales Success Secrets series and posted a great marketing idea by my good friends and outstanding portrait photographer, Greg Daniels and his wife Lesa. You can check out last week’s post entitled “Market Styles, Not Specialties!” right here.

In preparing that post I had a chance to really survey Greg's website. Not only are Greg’s image galleries beautiful but one of the links on his site must be indispensable for him in building the success that he enjoys. That link entitled “In Homes” shows his framed portraits hanging in his client’s homes. The beauty of having these “portrait installs” shown on his website is that it builds anticipation for his current clients and gives them a very clear idea of how to use his portraits in their own homes.

Portrait One:

Take a look at our first photograph below. It's a beautiful portrait of a young girl hanging above the fireplace in the clients home.


As he can see, this is a very nice home. But, this is type of clientele that Greg markets to. So, when he shows a photograph in this home setting he clearly intuits to his current and future clients that they should do the same thing with their portraits.

Portrait Two:

I love the presentation of this second portrait. My guess would be that the size of this portrait is 60 inches tall by 24 inches wide – a very large piece of wall decor.


Look how beautifully it fits the space. In Greg’s portrait session he consults with each of his clients as to where the final portrait will be hung. That way he's easily able to make recommendations with this client about size and frame color.

Portrait Three:

This next image shows a smaller portrait, I'm guessing 24” x 36" hanging in a different part of the home where the wall space was much smaller. The placement of the portrait in this space still insures the client’s enjoyment of this image.


It appears to be in a heavily traveled part of the home where all the family members can enjoy it every time they pass.

Portrait Four:

This next image again shows a special wall treatment for this family portrait. I particularly like the piece of wall decor hanging above the portrait.  It seems to help round out the space on the wall. As you can see, portraits can be hung anywhere in the home but it takes careful planning with your client to be sure that the size of the portrait and the placement of the portrait in the home all work together.


I think it’s clear from these images that Greg and Lesa really have their act together when it comes to making those kinds of suggestions to their clients.

Portrait Series:

As you continue to explore Greg's images on his website notice to that he's not just trying to anticipate the wall portrait sale. He's also showing his clients many other options that they have with their photography. I love this next series of six images beautifully displayed on the wall next to the grand piano.


The secret to Greg's hefty portrait sales lies in the fact that he builds anticipation for the client by showing them just how images of their family and children to be displayed in their home.

Wall Portraits Are More Important and Impressive On A Client’s Wall Than On Facebook

I've always said to my clients. Even if one had purchased a completely new set of living room furniture, the first thing anyone would notice when they walked into that new living room would be the magnificent wall portrait hanging in that room.  They always agree and it’s always the case.

So, the take away from today's post is that you need to show your client’s what options they have.  Don't just show them a few sample photographs and frames. Show your prospective clients how your past clients have enhanced their homes with your beautiful works of art. We need to constantly build that client expectation!

Isn't that essentially what happens when we shop a furniture store? The room settings are always impeccably displayed. That’s to give us, the buyer, an idea of how we might bring those piece into our own home. That's exactly what Greg has done with his “In-Homes” tab [link] on his website. He has clearly made the point for his clients as to how beautiful and exciting portraits can look hanging in their home. I think it behooves each and everyone of us to create a page like Greg's on our site to give our client’s an idea of what we can do for them as well.

I sure hope you enjoyed today's post. I thought there was some tremendous ideas to be learned from Greg's website. I'll hope you'll go back and explore his site again, not just to enjoy this beautiful photography but, to also see how well he presents his photography for his clients and builds anticipation in them.


Hey gang, that's it for me today. We got a busy week so I get back to work.

See you soon, David

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