Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Look3 – Festival Of The Photograph–What An Experience!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

LaDawn and I are taking a small break from the Studio and visiting in the Williamsburg, VA area. We have been here for about a week refreshing our memories and soaking up all the wonderful history of the area.  In addition to following our history interests, we also made the short trip to Charlottesville, VA this past Saturday to attend Look3 – The Festival of the Photograph [link], a very interesting photography conference featuring photographers many of us in the portrait/wedding realm would not have heard of.

During our visit we had the opportunity to see the photography and hear the presentation and world famous Josef Koudelka. During a visit to the Modern Museum of Art in NYC a few years ago, we had the opportunity to get familiar with Josef’s work – I was blown away by is instinct to capture the perfect moment and stunning composition.  I ended up buying several of his books for my photo library.

Koudelka Image

Josef Koudelka [link] was thirty years old in 1968. He had committed himself to photography as a full-time career only recently, and had been chronicling the theater, and the lives of gypsies, but he had never photographed a news event. That all changed on the night of August 21, when Warsaw Pact tanks invaded the city of Prague, ending the short-lived political freedom in Czechoslovakia that came to be known as the Prague Spring. In the midst of the turmoil of the Soviet-led invasion, Koudelka took to the streets to document this critical moment. Now 75 years old and still full of energy and creativity he finished his presentation to a standing ovation – pretty darn exciting.

Check out his work right here and be prepared to be amazed!!!

We head out on Friday and work our way up to Mount Vernon eventually catching up with our friend Jeff Medford, the producer of Alex Buono’s fabulous new tour traveling the country as we speak.  Alex is an Oscar nominee, film maker, and Director of Photography for Saturday Night Live.

See ya’ soon!


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