Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer's Ultimate Photography Bundle is Happening NOW! - Only 3 Days Left!

OK gang - here is the back story of one of the most fabulous photographic educational/value offers EVER!  I get a call from one of my buddies over at Think-11, a major player in many things photographic – training, actions, gear, etc.

They tell me they plan to put together the BIGGEST offer EVER for photographers wanting to take their photography to the next level with 100's of  hours of training videos, eBooks, and over 825 Presets an Actions, 6 full 1 Year subscriptions, and more from over 30 of the industry's best photographers and trainers.

First let me say - I was honored by the request to be part of the great educational adventure. And, not only that but the whole deal was going to raise a 10's of 1000's of dollars for two great charities. Hey, they raised over $30,000 in the first few days!!!

For all the details


or click on the image below.

Just check out who's all involved in this summer's amazing photography bundle - I told you it was the "who's who" of world class photographers and trainers.

* Lindsay Adler - Designing an Image & Studio Lighting Guide, Subscription to NEW website

* Jared Platt - Comprehensive Collection of 400 Lightroom Presets & Lightroom Webinar

* Mylio - 1 Year Subscription

* Dave Cross - 1 Year Subscription

* Tony Sweet - 13 Videos Covering Macro Photography, Texturing, Infrared, Mirroring plus more

* Rick Sammon - Master the Art and Craft of Bird Photography Video

* Simply Color - Simply Cash

* PhotoshopCafe - Photoshop Destination CC LIVE

* Lee Varis - Online Course in Mastering Image Creation & Photo Illustration in Photoshop

* Bobbi Lane - Posing & Directing Video

* Craig Minelli - Retouch Toolkit & BeautyBar Pro set of Actions for Lightroom/Photoshop

* Phlearn - PhlearnMethod Bundle, Photoshop 101 & 201, Beginners Guide to Levitation

* SharkPixel - Landscape Photography Presets for Lightroom

* Lesa Snider - The Skinny Ebooks Series

* Scott Wyden Kivowitz - E-Book: Time Is On Your Side: Exploring Long Exposure Photography

* Lance Sullivan - Architecture Power Pack of Presets

* Tyler Meade - 73 Sports and Commercial Photography Lightroom Presets

* Sean Duggan - Photoshop CC Essentials: Selections, Masking & Compositing Video

* Nik Pekridis - Video Training Course: Wedding Photography in Action

* Gavin Gough - Photographers Workflow: Ebook & Videos

* Perfectly Clear - Photoshop and Lightroom Plugins

* Cris Duncan - Photography Business Starter Set: Ebooks & Video

* Dane Sanders - Fast Track Photographer Audiobook

* Andrew S Gibson - Mastering Photography & Understanding EOS Ebooks

* ViewBug - 1 Year Membership

* Eyefi - 1 Year Cloud Subscription

* Peter Eastway - Subscription to Better Digital Photography & Photoshop Layers Class-

* David Ziser – Over 10 hours of Training Videos

* Stephanie Cotta - Mastering the Art of Newborn Photography

* Kelby Media - KelbyOne Photoshop and Lightroom Creativity Bundle

* Richard Sturdevant - SturDaVinci Art Tools Photoshop & Corel Painting Bundle

* Photofocus -  Develop Great Images in Lightroom & 72 Essays On Photography Ebooks

The generous contributions from all the partners allow FotoPromos to give back 20% of all sales to Team Jessie Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and SeedLight charities.


Hey gang, That’s it for me today. I really hope you check this out.  For only $99 it really is a "no-brainer" for this "best in class" educational/value opportunity.

Adios for  now, David

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