Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas Everybody,

Christmas 2012I’ve said it before - this is my favorite time of the year.  I love the bright twinkling lights, the rich colors of the season, the wonderful carols playing on the home stereo, car radio, Pandora, I-Heart Radio, Spotify, Rdio, et. al. And, I love the wonderful fragrance of pine in the air – yes, we put a REAL tree up every year ;~)  I like looking over the Christmas card list in the mail and reminiscing about the good times, over the years, I've shared with all the special friends and family on that list.  I like reading every holiday card that crosses our inbox or mailbox.  And I love what this season stands for compassion, love, joy, peace and sharing. And we all know the world needs a lot more of that.

That indeed is the most important thought to keep in mind during this wondrous time of the year.  Christmas isn’t made special by shopping till we drop, rushing from one party to the next, or heading to the latest opening movie on Christmas Day.  Christmas is a celebration of life and love.  It’s about touching others lives and hearts in our own thought, word, and deeds. Christmas is made special when we take a pro-active approach in doing just that. 

ChristmasMost of us will be spending time with family and friends enjoying this wonderful (day)season. From kids to grandparents and beyond, families and friends will be enjoying everything this holiday season has to offer - friendship, laughter, good food, and love.  But, take an extra step and reach out and help make Christmas special for everyone you come in contact with these next few days. The easiest way in the world to have a great day is to help someone have a great day first – Christmas season is a good place to start.

I wish each and everyone one of you the most wondrous of holiday seasons and pray that they too find peace, caring, compassion, and love at Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

-David and LaDawn


  1. Nadolig Llawen("Merry Christmas" in Welsh) to you and all your family, thanks once again for all your continued posts on this blog, wishing you the very best for the new year,
    from Russell and Yvonne (photographers from
    Wales) (Cymru)

  2. Belated Merry Christmas David! Thanks for a whole year of information & inspiration. May you & La Dawn continued to be blessed in 2013 too!