Sunday, September 28, 2014

Porto: A Photographic Album

Good Morning Everybody,

After yesterday’s post I wanted to recap our visit to Porto, Portugal with a selection of images mostly edited by LaDawn.  I think it gives a good overall impression of what we saw while visiting Porto.

Porto is a lovely city with all the historic sites of any European town – churches, museums, multi-colored buildings. As an example, check out the image below – it really gives a flavor to the historic and colorful Ribera section in which we stayed.  I’ve added the arrows to show the location of our apartment.  The inside was modern and quite comfortable – a different impression from what one might gather from the exterior.

Our Balconies

The churches and cathedrals are simply magnificent inside. I’m planning a future blog post describing how I photographed the interiors of these often times very dark amazing spaces.


One of the highlights of our visit was the Portuguese Center of Photography.  It was filled with several displays of award winning photography.  0017_Porto-DZ2_3759-EditThe displays coupled with the exhibits of cameras through the years would be a photographic treat for any photographer – well worth the visit, and it was free.

We took a short day trip over to Braga, the 3rd largest and oldest city in Portugal.  Our visit included a visit to the Bom Jesus do Monte, perched atop one of the tallest hills in the region.  The views were spectacular from such a high vantage point.  The Bom Jesus is another on of the famous pilgrimage sites throughout this part of the world.


Our trip to Porto would not have been complete without a visit to a few Port Wine Cellars.  The most prestigious in the city must be Taylor’s known throughout the world for it’s wonderful port wine.  The tours gave us a new appreciation for a wine we knew little about.  The tour also gave us some great opportunities to get some terrific images of the caves and surrounds.  It was definitely time well spent.


Hey gang, I’m going to let that be it for today.  Why not take a peak at the images below.  I think they round out the sights of our brief visit.

Adios everybody, David

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