Monday, January 14, 2013

Kicking It Off For 2013!

Good Morning Everybody,

Top 10bHey gang, I'm back!  And I’m fired up!  First of all, I've got some hot news I want to tell you about. I'm reorganizing DigitalProTalk and posting the hottest tips, tricks, and tutorials from 2012. In fact, tomorrow I'll list the Top 10 tutorials from my Technique Tuesday series. And, I have to tell you, it's a very exciting set of videos.

I'm also working on the Top 10 posts for the entire year in all categories which will include my Top 10 posts and Top 10 Business Day Thursday posts. That you give you something to sink your teeth into for 2013 as I get things revving up around here again.

Fireworks 2013This coming weekend I'm also heading down to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Imaging USA, one of the top photography conventions in the country.  If you see me at the show, please come on up and say HI!  I'll plan a few posts from Atlanta next week to get you up to speed on what's going on at the convention.

So, let's kick 2013 off with a blast and get things cranking again!

Glad to be back, David

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  1. Exciting news Mr Ziser - looking forward to seeing what you have in store. "And I'm fired up!"....I think all readers of Digital Pro Talk are going to be treated to more inspirational posts.

    All the best

    Shetland Islands