Monday, January 01, 2001

The Burn and Dodge Photoshop Cha-Cha

This Photoshop Tutorial shows 3 ways to Burn and Dodge in Photoshop. Each method is discussed as to it's best application in your work flow. There are three BONUS tips along the way too. You may have to hit the "Play" button 2x to get it to start playing. You can also click directly on the "video" to see a larger view. Check out the entire DigitalProTalk blog right here - lots of good stuff. Enjoy! --David


  1. Good tutorial, already knew about the b&d methods, but appreciate the escape key tip!

    A quicker way to do method 3 is hold the Alt key and click new layer in the layers pallette, which brings up the dialog box, change mode to soft light and check the box to fill with 50% gray.

  2. Thanks Collen,
    I'll run a f/u.

  3. Fantastic! I'm always looking for new burn/dodge techniques since there are so many ways to do it in photoshop. I particularly like the "overlay-with-50%-grey" method...