Monday, May 21, 2012

Triple 5’s Quick Hit Monday: Photography; Photoshop: Fun Stuff; and NYC Wrap Up

Good Morning Everybody,

Aids WalkWe wrapped a great week in the Big Apple and the week truly went flying by. The highlight of the trip was my daughter's Honor’s Recognition on Tuesday and her Commencement Exercise on Wednesday and my shootout for B&H in Central Park on Thursday. When LaDawn and I visit New York City we love to walk and logged about 20 miles walking a good deal of the time including the 6 miles we walked, along with 45,000 other walkers, at Sunday's Aids Fundraiser along with the crew from Animoto. The Walk raised over $3,000,000 for Aids research – a good thing.

The restaurant stops were delicious our favorite being the wonderfully elegant Dovetail Restaurant, considered one the best in the city, on the upper West Side. Even their website makes my mouth water ;~) Our good buddy, fine artist, and Photoshop guru, Vincent Versace, had arranged our reservation a few weeks before and it was wonderful – THANKS Vinnie.

We also loved the plays we saw, Porgy and Bess, a favorite of mine for years; and Newsies, a rousing new play for the stage.  Both are nominated for several Tony Awards this year.

One of my secret pleasures when visiting the city is talking with the cab drivers. And, yes, we were also in a lot of cabs. Heck, I had to dig into my retirement savings just to pay for all the fares most of which were spent just sitting in traffic ;~) 

Here Are A Few Cabbie Trivia Facts For You:

NYC CAbs1. It costs a cab driver $800/wk. to rent his cab for the daytime shift, $900 for the event shift.

2. Average fare runs about $14. That means each cabbie has to make 57 trips before he even breaks even.

3. A New York cab driver can make about $70,000/yr. but that means working 12 hour days 6 days a week.

4. Many cabbies have families with kids living in small apartments where rent is $1800 or more a month.

5. Most cab drivers are not US born - our drivers last week were from Bangladesh (2), Pakistan (2), India, and Turkey - but you probably already guessed that ;~)

7. Most cab drivers, ALL that we met were friendly, helpful, and quite conversational once I started the conversation.

Stories From The Back Of The Cab: My Favorite Conversations With The Cabbies Included:

CAb FaresOur trip from LaGuardia last Sunday: He said the job was not a great job.  He wasn't killing himself working 12 hour days.  He enjoyed his time with his family, took days off as needed to spend time with his children, but most liked the fact that he was his own boss.

On the way to B&H: His wife was joining him from Pakistan. They were married a year ago. The first time they met was just a day or two before their marriage ceremony. It was an arranged marriage. He was really looking forward to her arrival as it took nearly a year for her visa approval.  And yes, she was cute he said ;~)

On the way to Liz's Honors Ceremony: Our cab driver was telling us how his daughter was just given one of the highest honors in her high school.  He was quite proud even showing us pictures of her on his iPhone. Yes, it was as he was driving;~)

On the way to Dovetail Restaurant: Our driver was Indian, asked where we were from, and said Cincinnati, OH. He was thrilled to hear the news.  He has several family members living in Cincinnati and were in the restaurant business - we were very familiar with the restaurant he was talking about. Like they say, small world.

Can’t Wait To Come Back

On all fronts, it was just a great trip. We can't wait to come back. But for today, it's off to Myrtle Beach for a little R&R. We've never been together to that part of the country and are looking forward to our short 4-day visit.  We return home on Friday and then face a full schedule of weddings, graduations, and the start of my new book.  It's going to be a busy summer!

Triple 5’s Quick Hit Monday: Photography; Photoshop; and Fun Stuff

Hey gang, that's my NYC wrap up. How about we get on with today's Triple 5’s Quick Hit Monday post.  I've got lots of goodies for you covering photography, Photoshop, and a brand new "In General" section.  Let's get right to it.

Photography:  In today's photography section I want to share with you a few links covering portraits, composition, technique, and inspiration. Give a look.

1. 25 Paintings Every Photographer Must Study: [link] Insightful post for all portrait photographers.

2. How to Scan Film Negatives with a DSLR: [link] Very handy technique to know.  I use it all the time myself.

Vanishing Point3. 6 Portrait Lighting Patterns Every Photographer Should Know: [link] I’ve been preaching this information for too many years to count.  Here’s another take on the same subject – Classical Lighting.

4. 26 Photographs That Use a Vanishing Point to Great Effect: [link] Beautiful images included, this posts speaks to my image of the day above.

5. 10 Stunning Photos of Open Spaces by Scott Ackerman: [link] A little Monday morning inspiration for you.

Photoshop Goodies:  Hey gang, this week I've got 5 great Photoshop Freebies for you.  Give a look.

1. Bleach Bypass: How To Make Extreme Portraits: [link] Kind of a cool look.

Textures2. Selection Tools Photoshop Tutorial: [link] Some good tips about how to use them to their best.

3. Free Download: 40 Exclusive Photoshop Patterns: [link] Some nice stuff.

4. 10 Free Textures: [link] All Free - all the time.

5. Use Photoshop to Open JPEGs in ACR without Bridge: [link] Thanks to blogging buddy, A.J. Wood for this super handy tip.

In General: This is a brand new section this week. In my weekly readings I, many times, come across a few posts that I find interesting and/or inspirational even though they are not related to photography.  I've decided to start sharing them with you.  I hope you enjoy the reads.  Here they are.

1. 14 Action Inducing Lessons From Ben Franklin: [link] We can all use this advice now and then.

2. Share A Hard Drive Wirelessly With All Your Devices Including Your iPad: [link] A big Thank YOU to Terry White for this post.

3. What Cool Things Can I Do with All This Free Cloud Storage Space? With all the FREE options for Cloud Storage, this is a pretty handy link.  [link]

Ice Bride4. Is Your Blog Ready For Pintrest: With all the interest in this new Social Media darling, you may be interested in this post right here. [

5. Awesome Destination For Wedding Photography: [link] Way cool, in fact really cool, like in freezing COLD conditions but what a great place for that very special image.  Watch the video hereCheck it out!


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  Enjoy today’s Quick Hit Monday links. We need to leave for our plane shortly so explore and enjoy all of today's read and I’ll plan to catch you tomorrow in the great state of South Carolina.

See ya' then.


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